XLsucker – Automatic Penis Pump

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Penis pumps are the most advanced, non-surgical erection enhancers on the market. With this device it will be even easier and ore effective.


It has a plastic cylinder that fits over your penis and helps you get an erection – or a bigger erection – by suction. As the air in the cylinder is sucked out, the vacuum pulls your penis into the cylinder and more blood rushes into the penis. After removing the cylinder, the result is a temporarily bigger dick and a more impressive erection!


By using this device regularly you will get a permanently bigger cock- in length and girth.


For the best effect, you’ll want to start slow. Apply a little lube to the base of the pump to create suction and a good seal. Slide your penis (but not the testicles) into the cylinder, squeeze the pump slowly and watch your penis grow.


You’ll find that pumping also increases intense sensations for masturbation or sex with a partner.Never pump to the point where it becomes painful.


The effectiveness of this pump is offered at a really attractive price.



  • High quality housing with marked measures.
  • Push button air pressure release.
  • Handy automatic electronic trigger.
  • 4 AAA Batteries are required (not included).
  • Made of TPE and ABS plastic material.




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