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·         more intense sex drive

·         extra strong, more intense climax

·         bigger and stronger erections

·         increased blood flow to sex organs

·         considerable increase in the duration of intercourse

Due to the great advance in medical science, made in the recent years, we have succeeded in creating a new, enriched formula which will help millions of men to improve their sex lives.

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The effectiveness confirmed by clinical trialsCOLLAPSE

zaburzenia erekcji

Viageon has undergone numerous tests, aimed at its adaptation to male needs. The results were really surprising!

These are the effects achieved by a group of men who have undergone Viageon’s treatment:

higher sex drive

stronger and more intense climax

bigger and stronger erections

increased blood flow in blood vessels and sex organs

considerable increase in the duration of intercourse

In a modern and natural way


Viageon is a mix of herbs and natural active ingredients, which you will not find in other drugs enhancing sexual potency. The latest scientific discoveries and the growing popularity of natural medicine resulted in the creation of the herb cocktail which contains the best natural ingredients.

Since the earliest times, man has been using the gifts of nature to boost his strength and energy. Thanks to the knowledge of what nature has to offer, we are now able to produce the substances that will help us strengthen our organism and support it in its proper functioning.

Viageon’s componentsCOLLAPSE

To get familiar with the effects caused by Viageon’s components, develop their description.


is also known as the extract from the bark of ”Potency Wood”. It is renowned for its stimalating and strengthening properties. The extract increases the energy and stamina levels that are needed to perform daily activities and enjoy the pleasures of sexual performance. It is highly recommended to those who are affected by the decline in sex drive. For centuries, the roots and the bark of Muira Puama have been used by the inhabitants of South and Latin America as a strong stimulant affecting the central nervous system and the libido. Possible side effects: Muira Puama is quite safe as long as the recommended dose is not exceeded, otherwise you could complain of insomnia, agitation or irritability. Those who take other medications to treat erectile dysfunction are advised to consult their doctors.


can really surprise you. Although it is often associated with a distinct flavour of cakes and pastries, it is hard not to notice its beneficial effects on our organism. Ginger is known to have been one of the first plants to be grown for its medical properties. It was as long ago as 3,000 years BC that ginger became one of the most important components of natural medicine in China. It was used for treating digestive dysfunctions but it was also credited with aphrodisiac properties. Modern medical research has proven the effectiveness of this oriental plant. It improves circulation, intensifies sexual experience and strengthens erection. It has no side effects.


is the key nutrient for our body to stay strong and healthy. Our organism needs calcium to prevent nasty numbness and cramps. The symptoms of calcium deficiency include muscle pains as well as pins and needles. Furthermore, the calcium deficiency may result in anxiety and depression. When our body is achy and tired, we feel depressed and unmotivated to do anything, even if it provides joy and pleasure. If overused, it can cause constipation.


Vitamin b3 improves our mood. It prevents insomnia and general weakness, helps you unwind and makes you feel relaxed. It also relieves stress and anxiety. The list of side effects of taking large doses includes flushing of the skin along with itching, pins and needles, upset stomach, dizziness, headaches, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision and liver damage.


is a flowering plant which has been used in Europe for centuries to treat erectile dysfunction and boost sex drive. It increases natural testosterone production, improves vitality and boosts energy to make the most of each intimate moment spent with your partner. Possible side effects: Tribulus has been used in medicine and bodybuilding for quite a long time and no side effects have been reported so far. However, some consumers of this herbal medicine report gastric disturbances or upset stomach. This is why it is recommended that Tribulus should be taken with meals.


is an amino-acid resposible for enhancing your fitness and physical performance. It sends energy to muscles and plays an important role in muscle metabolism by working to transport, store and eliminate nitrogen. Moreover, L-Arginina supports circulation. It has been medically proven effective in treating male infertility because it actually causes semen production. As the immediate precursor of nitric oxide, L-Arginina is helpful for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Keep in mind that Arginina can affect the potassium level and increase the amount of stomach acids and blood sugar, so do not exceed the daily dose.


Take one tablet at least 30 minutes before anticipated sexual activity. Storage: store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


The extract is suitable only for adults. Avoid if allergic to any of its components.

Get acquainted with the list of components.

We do not recommend taking more than two tablets per day. Keep in mind that Viageon is a rescue medication.

Possible side effects include allergic reactions resulting from sensitivity to any of the components, nausea, diarrhea, lack or loss of appetite, weight loss, digestive disorders, vomiting, headaches, euphoric mood, anxiety, insomnia, nose bleed, breast pains, heavy menstruation, post-menopausal vaginal bleeding, high blood pressure, ringing in ears, heartburn, blurred vision, liver damage, itching, pins and needles and skin flushing.

It is recommended that you should consult your doctor before taking the supplement if you suffer from diabetes (some components considerably reduce the blood sugar levels), kidney or liver dysfunction, depression and blood diseases.

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