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Sexual Attraction

Our offer has included the new pheromones – Sexual Attraction since 2010. Encouraged by alll the success, we decided to extend our offer providing some new tested products. Sexual Attraction matched our expectations.

Sexual Attraction is created for both men and women. It consists four huge pheromones, which make a unique mixture. Combined with the unique scent of your perfume, it can make you feel much more attractive for a long time.

The examinations conducted in 2010 showed that you need only a few drops of Sexual Attraction to improve youe attractiveness among men and women. Its great populairity and heavy sales have finally made Sexual Attraction a great seuccess!

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Sexual Attraction Woman – new, amazing pheromones in perfume bottle

Are you shy? You do not have experience with men? And maybe need a breath of freshness in your steady relationship?

We hale an answer for your questions and doubts – pheromones. Simply.

They work simply as nature. The work reliably.

They’re effective in each situation and don’t leave anyone indifferent. Their formula was developed to maximize your chances and put into effect.

How the pheromones work?

Each human has his own fragrance and pheromones, whcich attract people. As a result of pheromones’ action you  you wake up more interest in the environment, you are seen as the life of the party and raises the respect of others. The use of cleaning and antiperspirants significantly reduces the amount of pheromone.

Researchers from one of the most modern laboratories in the European Union discovered heavily concentrated synthetic pheromones, which the chemical composition and action resemble those dispensed by human. Their dynamic combination with an interesting scent turned out to be a great success. In Sexual Attraction Pheromones pheromones, which have been selected  are responsible for sexual attraction and wake-up of trust.

Sexual background


Specialists focused mainly on specific to cause an instinctive sexual activities among the people. it turned out quickly that pheromones have become a hit in the market. So if you want to improve the quality of your sex life, be life and stand out from the crowd, try Sexual Attraction Pheromones. It was tried out of thousands of women. Thus the world enriched by thousands of happy, satisfied with his life women. Join them! Magical snap after the original pheromone works immediately. The effect is extremely visible and very pleasant.

The best in pheromone is that they do not change, you still remain yourself, but clearly people’s attitude to you changes.

As a result of Sexual Attraction action you will achieve each goal:

Become mores self-confident

Emphasize your femininity and sex appeal

Improve your well-being

Seduct the most handsome men successfully

Emphasize your leadership skills in working with people


But that’s not all. Pheromones is a reliable patent not only for singles who want to change their status. Use pheromones to enhance ties in your steady relationship. When you met, your guy ate out of the palm of your hand, was indulgent and gallant, but when the first excitement wore off and the “honeymoon” finished, you started miss the first weeks of acquaintance?You want to make your guy dote on you again? – trust in pheromones!!

The Sexual Attraction fragrance is extremely feminine – and what’s the most important – it really works. See for yourself, try out the original pheromones and see, how changes the Word around you. Read our clients’ opininions. They’ve already known…

Sexual Attraction – how it works?

Sexual Attraction Pheromones Woman Formula 5-alpha is the strongest Pheromones that will make you a woman, whom the man cannot resist. The science and special formula, consisting of a unique mix of four pheromones, is behind the success of this mixture: alpha of Androstenole (5α-androst-16-en-3α-ol), Beta- Androstenole, Alpha Androstenone(5a-androstanu-3a-ol,17-one) and Estratetraenole (estra-1,3,5 (10), 16-tetraen-3-ol).

Alfa Androstenol (5α-androst-16-en-3α-ol) – pheromone of popularity. It’s responsible for the charisma and popularity. It creates around you a friendly atmosphere. It also sends signals about good health, fertility, and sexual attraction. The same pheromone is responsible for positive emotions. Other people perceive you as a very attractive person, aand are more open to link up withyou.

Beta-Androstenol – pheromone of attraction
That compound is almost chemically  identical with alpha-Androstenole, but has a different task: promotes communication on a deeper level. It helps in attracting people of the opposite sex, regardless of gender it evokes a feeling of a deep kindness and comfort of being with each other. You can sometimes get the impression that just met person you have known for many years.

Androstenon (5a-androstanu-3a-ol-17-one) – pheromone of leader and sex
To pheromone for both women and men. Women in whom there is a high concentration of pheromone, are always in the spotlight and received are as arousing admiration and respect. It’s easy to zjednują all the attention and affection of the environment. That pheromone makes sexual tension growing around you. It’s often associated with desire and taken into account while choosing a partner.

Estratetraenol (estra-1, 3,5 (10) ,16-tetraen-3-ol) – pheromone of femininity and seduction. Completely scentless pheromone (associated with estrogen-female sex hormone) creates an aura of uniquely feminine and sensual. In an unusual way it activates the brain: stimulates men’s hanger. As a result of this pheromone action you will  “tenderise” the environment. This pheromone affects men soothing and raises them to hug you and protect.

How smells the Sexual Attraction Pheromones?

As a result of extremely strong concentration and composition of pheromones, they strongly lure sexually.  The scent lingers on the skin almost as long as included pheromones. It’s very efficient. Just use a small amount to feel a huge difference. It’s easy to store, easy to remove-discreet bottle is always at hand. You can use them whenever you need! Sexual Attraction Pheromones is intriguing, fresh fragrance for women with a hint of fruit, full of sex. Subtly inflames the senses, creating a pleasant atmosphere of erotic arousal. Thanks to the aroma you will experience yourself, that the world may become one of what you dream of.

Ideal to seduct


Feromony Sexual Attraction Pheromones is a perfect solution for people planning dates and first meetings.

As you know, it always counts the first impression – „chemistry”. If you want to feel connected with your date, use pheromones, you will attract your dreamy man in natural way.

Stand out from the crowd

Sexual Attraction Pheromones perfectly suits in crowded places, clubs, in a word, everywhere where there are a lot of people. Its action is double-barrelled and the smell lasts longer. The heat of the human body  prolongs and fuels their action – don’t forget about it before  next event.


Use Pheromones Sexual Attraction just like your favorite perfume. Just spray them in places such as the wrists, neck cavity or where you like.Sexual Attraction is a pheromone for special tasks. These are the most concentrated pheromones, designed and prepared in laboratories in the European Union.


This is a product designed for adult individuals only. Store in a dark and dry place, away from reach of children.


Look, what about the action of pheromones, says a scientist who has devoted to this question 20 years of his life. Below there are fragments of an extensive interview that James V. Kohl gave the journalist Bob Hughes.

read the interview

James V. Kohl’s-this scientist, and teacher. He has published research and development on the topic of pheromones, and their actions in the world of people and Animals since 1992. His research and publications are used by , in particular, the international society Mensa. Kohl has developed a famous blend of pheromones, based on androstenol and androsterone. He was so fascinated by the results of his work that he began writing the blog, which eventually became widely-read place in the network.

Bob Hughes: What spring from your research?

James V. Kohl: My research show the mix of two pheromones’ influence on women’s attractiveness in men’s eyes. We had this experience: we administrated to women chosen pheromones. Within 15 minutes it turned out that women attract men’s eyes stronger and felt more attractive. The experience has show pheromones action has influence on phenomenon occuring in brain, including mood, just the human behavior. Our Assumption has confirmed. As a result of this study, we were able to develop the perfect mixture of pheromones.

So the question arises: if components set, a simple compound can change people’s behavior? 

We meet different pheromones, fragrances, components during our life, which have influence on our behavior. This effect also depends on the frequency in which they appear in our lives. They evoke some associations.
Observing changes in behavior it’s not difficult to grasp. For instancje at least our food habits. They are also based on some experience and repeatability. There are preferences, we can clearly see what’s tasty and what is not.

the contact of mother and child during breastfeeding is the first exapmle of pheromones action in our life. Mother pheromones impact differently on son and daughter. Can you pursue this answer?

You’re right. Even during the first physiological experience we can see that mother pheromones boys feel the difference of the sexes immediately. Girls don’t see the difference , what confirms that pheromones affect the opposite sex.

In this case, how exactly pheromones work? And which work and which not?
What means work? If it’s about changing mood, that is the pheromones’ meaning – they change our mood and impast on physiology.

I mean  the most import ant, which action was proved. 
We proved androstenole and androsterone action. (…)

What would you say to people, who buy sex appeal in vial?Those, who buy pheromones to become more attractive.

 Pheromones work as women’s makeup or like men’s tan. Women paint themself not only to look better, but also to feel better. Guys, in turn, feel more attractive when they’re tanned that they become more confident, and really, because of this, perceived as more attractive. Men, in turn, feel more attractive, when they’re tanned.  Pheromones gives something what gives a beautiful appearance. When you smell better, you look better, you feel better and finalny you look more attractive.

Are we more simple beings than we think about ourselves? Does your research confirm it? We can say about the man a lot, but not everything is examined, for example we don’t know what affects our visual perception of the attractiveness of the other person. In this sense, we are at a higher level than animals in which the attraction is less complex (…) Most people think that if they see something, they can say that they love it and that’s what they want. And they don’t realize that something else work on them – the smell, pheromones. And only a combination of all these stimuli makes us feel attraction to someone. (…)

Bob Hughes talked to James V. Kohl.

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