Perfect Fit – Fat Boy Thin Standard Clear

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Perfect Fit


Fat Boy Thin Standard is the perfect solution for men looking for a very realistic touch.

A high-strength model that gives your partner a clearly larger penis diameter, but not large enough to be unpleasant to accept.

It is very easy to put on and at the same time great holding in place thanks to the hole allowing it to pass the testicles through it – which is not only supporting the overlay in place but also additional stimulation for the man.

The surface is covered with bumps and bumps for greater pleasure and is very soft to the touch.

Just use the moisturizer inside to enjoy incredibly intense stimulation.

This model is not hard, so using it is pure pleasure.

It is made of SilaSkin, a mixture of silicone and TPR, making it very stretchy.

The inner length is 14cm.

For men of larger sizes, we recommend Fat Boy in the classic version, not Thin.


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