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Penis Complete is a unique product in the trunk of intimate supplements. As the only one able to operate on three planes. It is designed to receive on a cure basis, one capsule a day after the first meal. Created for real men!

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Unique in the market!

Penis Complete is a unique remedy in the market, you will not find another so effective! As the only one has 2x more ingredients than the rest of the market. As a result of several years of research scientists have selected ingredients that combine amazing effects! Penis Complete works on the three biggest sexual challenges in the male world!

Give amazing results to your customers!

Penis Complete is the only such comprehensive solution that addresses the three biggest challenges men’s sexual problems are:

penis size

premature ejaculation

Incomplete erection

Let your customers put away all the ineffective means and they will reach for one proven and effective – Penis Complete, and you have a guarantee they will come back to you!

Incredibly effective formula:

The Penis Complete formula is the work of a whole team of scientists. The composition was created in such a way that it was as effective as possible while retaining the maximum naturalness that increases the bioavailability of the ingredients! To learn the detailed operation of the Penis Complete components, expand their description by clicking on the ingredient name:

Tribulus terrestris

Also known as the Earth Bead. It is a plant from the parolist family containing steroid saponins, plant alkaloids and flavonoids. Tribulus helps increase the production of testosterone in men by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce more efficient luteinizing hormone (LH). The high levels of this hormone increase sexual desire, increase the volume and volume of corpus cavernosum, which contribute to the increase in the volume of corpus cavernosum, which flows through the blood causing penis enlargement and strong erection. Note: overdose can cause sleep problems.

Muira puama

Called “the potency tree”, comes from the Amazon basin. Muira puama by indigenous people of Brazil has been used for centuries. They used it for the treatment of reduced potency as a strong aphrodisiac. The plant is known for adding energy and improving sexual health. Muira puama contains: plant sterols, essential oils, triterpenes, sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes, alkaloids and muirapuamine. The last element regulates smooth muscle tension in the cavernous bodies, is a key alkaloid. Research has shown that Muir’s bark extract is more effective than Johimba’s! In addition, Muira puama works soothingly to stress, reduces hair loss and prevents also weakening the body.

Saw Palmetto 

Otherwise known as Palm Sabala, is an ingredient that exhibits antiandrogenic activity and induces inactivation of 5-alpha reductase, which catalyses the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, and inhibits the activity of testosterone-to-aromatase metabolism. This product also has anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties. It also features that it reduces the tension of the smooth muscle of the urinary tract – by reducing the swelling, congestion of the bladder neck. This improves the elasticity of prostate tissue and bladder patency. It has rejuvenating properties. Palma Sabalowa also works expectoration and diuretic. There are no known side effects.

Panax Ginseng

Otherwise known as Korean ginseng. Its valuable active ingredients, so called. Ginsenosides in the body are processed according to need, stress situations support sedative effects, and when needed to boost the body’s performance boosts the stimulatory effect.
Ginseng supports the immune system, cognitive functions, helps to reduce fatigue and fatigue, and strengthens the physical and mental abilities. I often use it for problems with premature ejaculation.
Regular intake of ginseng can be beneficial for anyone experiencing a difficult period, full of mental tension or increased physical activity. Ginseng also helps to maintain normal glucose and insulin metabolism, helps maintain a healthy sexual life, and also shows antioxidant activity.


Is a plant from the parolist family. Contains, among others. Steroid saponins, plant alkaloids and flavonoids. L-arginine by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce better luteinizing hormone (LH) increases the production of testosterone in men. High levels of hormones make a man feel an increase in sexual desire. Testosterone also means increasing the volume and volume of corpus cavernosum. Remember that overdosing on this ingredient can cause sleep problems.

Lepidium meyenii 

Maca is a plant that originates from the Peruvian Andes and grows at an altitude of about 3500 m. This makes it the highest cultivated plant intended for consumption in the world. Maca grows in rocky inhabitable soils for most other plants and develops under extreme climatic conditions. Maca leaves leaves and roots, with the size of radish. This root has been valued for thousands of years because of its properties, energy, endurance and fertility in humans and animals. There is no doubt that the Mac’s roots provided a productive life at great heights to the generations of the local population. Its extraordinary effect on the human body makes Maca applied regularly to increase your erection, making you no need to take any ad hoc measures.


It is common in Central and South America. It is a climber growing up to 30 m in length. It has woody shoots, ovate or heart-shaped leaves, small, fragrant, with a green tinge of flowers. Fruit is a red spherical berries. It is one of the existing plants causing muscle tissue growth. So it speeds up the laborious process of forming a carved, sporty silhouette. It does not cause any side effects. Sarsaparilla is a real “male” in the flora world. Contains surprisingly high levels of male androgen hormones in the form of a plant analog, ie sarsapogenin. These compounds mimic the effects of testosterone and enhance the synthesis of dihydroergotestosterone. This is great news for gentlemen who have lost the joy of having sex. Sarsaparilla is a strong aphrodisiac. Effectively increases the appetite for love and overcomes impotence.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin is a vegetable rich in many valuable nutrients, including In fatty acids. Pumpkin seeds in large part contain healthy fatty acids, so called. Acids repeatedly unsaturated. They are essential for the body, used to build vitamin D, hormones, as well as cell walls. Fatty acids also function in the body’s transport functions – they are involved in the transfer of enzymes in the human body, so the dietary supplement is absorbed very quickly and is fully waved by the body.


 Nettle is a highly stimulating and potent stimulant (increases testosterone levels). Substances contained in it counteract urinary tract infections and prostatic hypertrophy, which reduces the risk of worse erections.


Liquid licorice has been used for many years as a sweetener because it contains many sweet compounds. Liquorice root stores vitamins E, B, biotin, PP, pantothenic acid, valuable minerals, and lecithin. These are valuable substances, the delivery of which is necessary for our body to function properly, they significantly affect the metabolism. The vitamin palette present in licorice counteracts the loss of physical and mental immunity, helps to offset the effects of stress on which the modern man is exposed.

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