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Penilarge  is a combination of natural ingredients, which, thanks to its strength will help you literally to gut your sex life.

Multi-track action makes you building your masculinity consistently and comprehensively.
Compounds included in Penilarge are known to operate on the vascular system of the penis, which in the course of stimulation acts as a pump enlarging its volume. In what way? They regulate the metabolism of nitric oxide.

Thanks to the development of knowledge about the functioning of our body and  many years of research, the solve of various men problems is at your fingertips.

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PENILARGE+ GEL – 100 ml effective enlarging

Does the size matter?

Active  compounds contained in PENILARGE +:


stimulate cells for growth

support tissue regeneration

improve penie blood flow

deeply rejuvenate and strengthen the skin

intensely hydrate

soothe and care for irritations

make the epithelium firm and smooth

hale anti-inflammatory properties

support blood vessels

Plant-based care of your masculinity

Plant extracts stimulate cells of your penis for growth. Nourish and supply with energy. They trigger natural regenerative processes of your body so you may enjoy the size you have always dreamed about. This is the true revolution in penis enlargement.

PENILARGE+ gel is particularly suggested in therapy using extenders and penis enlargement pumps. Used together with the Adropenis extender or Bathmate hydropump it speeds up and increases efficiency of the penis enlargement therapy.

Skin of the penis has specific needs, it deserves a particularly selected care programme. Especially during penis enlargement therapy it is subjected to the risk of overburden. The pressure exerted by the daily and systematic expansion requires an adequate care programme.

The rejuvenating gel PENILARGE + is enriched with active plant extracts. Natural antioxidants. Penis is stimulated, soothed and protected, regenerates faster. Thanks to intensive hydration the skin is firm, hydrated and smoothed out. The gel restores the feeling of comfort. It increases skin elasticity, thanks to which the increased pressure exerted by blood in corporea cavernosa during orgasm gives the effect of bigger and fuller erection.

Non-fatty texture is absorbed quickly. It soothes irritations of the sensitive skin of the penis resulting from action of external factors (exercise, stretching) and helps with preventing decolourations and stretch marks.

Penilarge + advanced care and additional centimetres


Active plant ingredients, carefully selected formulas, cosmetics in the service of masculinity is a true art. The result of many years of our experience and continuous search for the most effective solutions.

Field studies, recreating and deepening the ethnobotanic knowledge, supervision over cultivations and harvests – penis enlargement requires both excellent quality as well a thorough knowledge of used ingredients. The effect often depends on the smallest details, thus preparation of our products is characterised by an incredible and due care.

Enjoy your new, bigger penis thanks to PENILARGE +. Cosmetics supporting enlargement, created on the basis of plant substances, effectively make skin firmer and nourish it, as well as help with penis size modelling. Thanks to a combination of precisely selected ingredients, they ensure complex bodily care as well as strengthening and enlarging of your manhood. Natural plant extracts stimulate cell metabolism, supporting the process of tissue reconstruction and growth, have antioxidative and cleansing properties. The formula of the gel provides excellent absorption and penetration to the deepest layers.

The unique Penilarge + formula contains:

extract from Paulinia Guarana fruits – stimulates and supports blood circulation

extract from the proper ginseng root – rejuvenates and regenerates tissues

extract from oat leaves – activates cells for division

extract from hops – provides anaesthesia and nourishment

extract from stinging nettle – strengthens and soothes

glycerine – provides elasticity and hydration



Extract from Paulinia Guarana fruit (Paullinia cupana Kunth)

also called guarana is a species of a climbing plant in the Sapindaceae family. It is present in the whole basin of Amazon and Para rivers (Brasil). Throughout centuries, it has been used by South American Indians because of its refreshing and energizing properties. Guarana fruits contain up to 6% of caffeine and niacin (vitamin B3). Guarana has a stimulating effect, it reduces physical tiredness. It supports processes of bodily detoxication. Thanks to presence of alkaloids such as caffeine, theophylline or theobromine it stimulates the circulatory system and the central nervous system. Caffeine locally increases blood pressure, thanks to which corporea cavernosa are stretched and your erection is bigger and fuller. It also shows anti-oxidative and anti-bacterial properties.

Ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer)

roots valued in Chinese medicine already 4000 years ago. From the conducted studies it seems that ginseng has a very high content of active ingredients – ginsenozides. These compounds are responsible for its excellent properties. In case of external use, it stimulates tissue regeneration, restores disrupted physiological balance to the skin, tones. It supplies energy and supports regeneration processes. It stimulates tissues for division, supplies them with required strength and energy. Removes signs of tiredness caused by regular training. Ginseng amplifies erotic sensations and perceptions during a sexual act.

Extract from oat leaves(Avena sativa L.)

contains saponines, flavonoids, alkaloids, steroid compounds, vitamins B1, B2, D, E, many minerals, carotene, cereal proteins (gluten), fats. These ingredients have a multimode, positive influence. It hydrates, soothes and protects. Prevents irritations and has toning properties. Oat has been traditionally used in urine incontinence, because it strengthens Kegel muscles and prostate. Gently increases energy levels and resistance to exertion. Supports overloaded nervous system. Oat is used in therapy of depression and nervous exhaustion. It is also thought that it is helpful in impotence and useful in therapy of restlesness and insomnia. Additionally it greatly nourishes and regenerates skin thanks to minerals, fats and vitamins it contains. It supports and starts natural regeneration processes.

Hops (Humulus lupulus L.)

it has been used therapeutically for a few thousand years: in Greece, in Rome, in India, in China and among the Native American tribes. Since Antiquity, hops has been used in traditional medicine in many civilizations. In North America, Cherokee Indians have used hops in soothing of inflammatory states and pain as well as for intimate care. It has firming properties, delays aging processes of the skin, supports natural rejuvenation and cell division processes. Additionally, extract from the cones is used for ulcers and difficult-to-heal wounds, thanks to their strong bactericidal properties. It soothes irritations and has anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to high contents of vitamins and minerals it provides deep nourishment and rejuvenation.

Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica L.)

stinging nettle leaves contain a lot of vitamins (C, K, E, B2, B5), carotene and high amounts of chlorophyll, silicic acid, acetylocholine, fitoncides, minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium, silicone, manganese, phosphorus, zinc), lecitine, tanning agents, mucuses and waxes and formic acid and histamine (causes blisters on the skin). Its roots may also contain valuable ingredients: phytosterols, aminoacids (i.e. arginine, glutamic and aspartic acid), mucuses and significant quantities of mineral salts (20%). Extracts from the root, containing sitosterols, are used in therapy of benign prostate tumors, in the initial stages of the disease. It is also used in inflammatory states of the urinary tract and skin, stimulates metabolic processes (thanks to high contents of vitamines and trace elements), stimulates internal secretion glands and increases levels of red blood cells. It is particularly recommended for spring weakness, since it has been confirmed that raw materials contain ingredients stimulating synthesis of interferone and viral antigens, as well as helpful with anemia. Used locally, it helps with healing wounds, boils and ulcers

It’s an eternal male dilemma. In many articles the authors argue that a small penis isn’t a problem. I wonder how this big guys will feel if they should confront with a similar affliction and how they will cope with contemptuous smileys in men’s locker room, or at the pool.

Fortunately, you no longer have to discuss this issue. Just take care of your masculinity.
The impressive penis perfectly underpins your confidence. And that is one of the key issues in the relations with women. Guys with big penises are considered as more masculine.

It’s an eternal male dilemma. In many articles the authors argue that a small penis isn’t a problem. I wonder how this big guys will feel if they should confront with a similar affliction and how they will cope with contemptuous smileys in men’s locker room, or at the pool.

Fortunately, you no longer have to discuss this issue. Just take care of your masculinity.
The impressive penis perfectly underpins your confidence. And that is one of the key issues in the relations with women. Guys with big penises are considered as more masculine.

It’s Widely known that:

• Large penis increases self-confidence, allowing you to focus on the sensual and emotional aspect of the sexual act.

• larger and thicker penis during stimulation of the vagina makes a woman more pleasure.

• Sexual Satisfaction merges relationships, allows for a happier life in general.

Penilarge – a key to answer to a problem

Thanks to  many years of research and the development of knowledge about the functioning of our body, the solution of many male problems is for the asking.

The extraordinary effectiveness Penilarge + Gel is a result of the use of the active ingredients of natural origin and technologically advanced components to ensure penetration to the penis deepest tissues .The incredible efficiency of PENILARGE is a result of  the synergy effect, which has been achieved thanks to the appropriate proportion and the highest, continuously improved, quality

get to know more

Penis functioning is influenced by a number of related elements. Thus, the best results are obtained using a complex therapy.

Erection starts after activation of erection centre in the spinal cord, which sends an impulse to sexual organs. Penis is built out of a pair of parallel corpora cavernosa, corpus spongiosum forming the glans of the penis and of the frenulum. An impulse from the cord causes release of nitrous oxide by mesothelial cells and through nerve endings in corpora cavernosa of the penis. The arteries expand. Pressure within corpora cavernosa increases because of the blood pumped into them, the cavities are empty in a resting state.

At the same time, because of increase of blood pressure in the corpora cavernosa, veins are gradually closed, resulting in lower amounts of blood flowing back. The result of the changes is penis enlargement and stiffness. If the erection remains, other mediators are released which expand the blood vessels and cause a contraction of pelvic muscles. The pressure inn corporea cavernosae usually exceeds 150 mm Hg, which enables the intercourse to take place.

The increased erection is accompanied by its stiffness and readiness for action. Check out how it feels!

Ensure pleasure and better penetration for your partner..

Anyone, who purchases Penilarge receives money back guarantee!

Penilarge is the only one of its kind which creating took many years of research and testing. And all this to help thousands of men around the world to feel really manly.

Better satisfaction and self-confidence

If you are a man unsatisfied with the size of your penis, this feeling undermines your self-image.

Self-confidence is a key feature of successful people, not only in the bedroom. How many times have you pondered if you really gave her the pleasure she wants? Does she pretend?

Kompleks małego członka prowadzi do fobii i zaburzeń seksualnych. Działa destrukcyjnie na związek i relacje partnerskie. A przecież niewiele trzeba, by móc poczuć się pewnym swojej siły i naturalnej mocy!

Factors that can greatly disrupt the hormonal balance:



exposure to chemicals,

environmental pollution,

cultural factors.

Low levels of testosterone and accompanying potence impairment are a problem related to an ever growing group of men. Clinical symptoms observed in such cases result in sexual organs deformation, including problems with erection and penis size.

Until recently, costly therapies or surgical interventions were reserved only for the most wealthy people. Men unsatisfied with the size of their organs had to battle personal complexes, lack of sexual satisfaction and depression. Incomplete masculinity was the source of deep misery. And the solution may prove to be simple, fully natural and bringing effects within a short period of time.

The new product line Penilarge + will allow you to enjoy the masculinity you’ve always wanted. The latest product from the Penilarge family – Gel Penilarge + it’s our answer to your problems.

Penilarge + gel is especially recommended for treatment with extenders and penis enlargement pumps.

It accelerates and increases the effectiveness of treatment growing penis when it’s used together with extender Adropenis or Bathmate pump .

Why Penilarge gained a reputation as Leader?

PENILARGE are a high quality products which, in contrast to many other formulations available on Polish market, are fully natural. Herbal ingredients it contains are obtained from organically cultivated herbs. Proper cultivation, harvest and processing, conforming to the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard, HACCP standards and Dutch guarantee system for NZVT dietary supplements guarantees the highest quality of the product for you. The first effects may occur after the first few weeks of the start of treatment

Increased blood flow

Your penis gets larger with active ingredients for improving blood flow and blood pressure in the vessels. More blood in the corpus cavernosum simply means a larger penis. Penilarge + Gel affects their extension, resulting in increased blood flow. This way your erection member is larger both in length and in circumference. The effect of expanding the corpora cavernosa is stable.

All sexual impulses reach stronger a penis with an improved blood supply. The erection is harder and bigger and it is accompanied by an increased surface with which your penis will exert friction on the walls of your partner’s vagina.

The effect of Penilarge action will result in increased stimulation, improved satisfaction and cosmic orgasms.

Penilarge + is a combination of natural ingredients, which, thanks to its strength will help you literally to gut your sex life.

Multi-track action makes you building your masculinity consistently and comprehensively.
you will be able to perform more sexual positions with your partner, which once weren’t achievable because of physical reasons.

Unique formula

 The secret of PENILARGE + gel is the formulation, worked out in tiniest details. Components used for manufacturing are natural and highest quality ingredients with body supporting properties. The gel contains substances which have positive influence on the improvement of sexual life


Volume: 100ml

Application: Apply an appropriate amount of gel 1-2 times a day and rub thoroughly in the skin of the penis. Excellent for hydration and bruise prevention during penis enlargement exercises, recommended for using extenders and pumps, it increases their effectiveness and accelerates expansion.

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place, inaccessible for children.

The preparation is intended for use by adults only. Do not use in cases of allergy to any of the ingredients in the preparation. Thoroughly study the list of ingredients.

Full treatment (tablets + cream)

We suggest simultaneous use of 2 methods: tablets and cream. Thanks to combination of tablets naturally influencing penile growth from the inside and of the cream acting directly beneath penile skin, the first effects will be noticed incredibly quickly.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm


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