LibiSpray 50 ml

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LibiSpray is an innovative preparation which extremely boosts your experience and warms you up. Apply it on your labia and you will feel amazing tingling which will turn you on and sensitize your clitoris.

LibiSpray will supply you with energy thanks to its energizing properties. You will more beautiful and sexually more self-confident.

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LibiSpray 50 mlExciting spray and improving libido

LibiSpray maximizes your sex drive in three ways

·         tightens the vaginal walls

·         improves blood flow in intimate regions

·         provides a gentle warming sensation, causing delicate tingling

·         improves libido

·         adds sexual energy

LibiSpray has been created specially for women who expect immediate vaginal tightening during the intercourse and a powerful orgasm.

The effects of LibiSpray?

•    vaginal tightening caused by making clitoral muscles constricted and flexible

•    sexual enhancement, stimulated by the increased blood flow to intimate regions

•    more powerful orgasm, reached by the stimulation of clitoral blood circulation

•    increased lubrication

•    warming sensation

•    pleasurable tingling and stimulation

Due to its moisturizing properties, LibiSpray can be used as a lubricant. It protects your skin from abrasions and irritations. Its PH indicator is neutral for female intimate regions.

Arousal and lubrication

LibiSpray’s stimulating properties allow instant arousal.

Thanks to its high quality active ingredients, including L-arginina and ginseng which increase blood flow, it maximizes sexual pleasure and excitement..

Ready, wet and tightened

LibiSpray is an innovative extract, maximizing sexual sensations due to its unique capability of vaginal tightening. You will remind your man of your first sexual performance and you will get aroused after a really short foreplay! LibiSpray will allow your partner the most intense penetration, which will enable you to share even more closeness. You will reach the orgasm of your lifetime!

LibiSpray is a unique extract, renowned for its stimulating and warming properties. Lubricate your labia and clitoris and you will experience the incredible sensation of delicate tingling which will get you easily aroused and sensitize your vagina to touch.Thanks to its energizing properties, LibiSpray will boost your energy and make you feel even more attractive and sexually fulfilled.

LibiSpray treatment will help you reach multiple orgasms!

Virgin-like vagina

The application of LibiSpray, prior to sexual intercourse, will constrict the vaginal opening for up to 30 minutes. But there is much more to this!

LibiSpray can also be used during the intercourse and each extra dose will drive you even wilder.

If you expect permanent effects, don’t hesitate to use LibiSpray every Day!

Its unique herbal properties will improve the appearance of your intimate regions, thanks to their moisturizing and nutritious properties.

Moreover, LibiSpray effectively prevents the abrasions of epidermis and infections of the intimate regions. It also alleviates minor injuries resulting from sexual activity

How LibiSpray tightens your vagina?

The vagina opening consists of smaller and larger labia. Their firmness and flexibility are affected by numerous factors. The vaginal elasticity loss can be affected by childbirth, various diseases and the aging process.

Due to its effective ingredients, LibiSpray regulates cardiovascular blood flow and stimulates the central nervous system.

LibiSpray restores elasticity of intimate regions and stimulates vaginal muscles to tighten the smaller and larger labia.

Why Libispray helps women to reach orgasm?

Female sexual arousal is determined by numerous factors, including mood, hormonal system, blood circulation and nervous system.

There are two active ingredients of the LibiSpray gel that maximize sexual arousal, inspire relaxation and improve libido; L-arginina and ginseng.

How works L-ARGININE? 

L-arginine is an exogenous amino acid and it’s involved in the synthesis of importance for the physiology of orgasm compounds such as nitric oxide (which is a precursor), agmatine. It’s an amino acid which acts as a regulator of blood pressure. Arginine is also involved in the urea cycle, and it’s the natural precursor of ornithine and it improves endothelial function and increases blood flow in the blood vessels, thereby increase the sensitivity of affected intimate areas.

How works Ginseng root extract?

is already known in Chinese medicine as Eleutherococcus spieces.It contains eleutherosides stimulating the central nervous system, they increase the adaptability of the body, improve mental and physical endurance. They improve the overall well-being, influence on immunostimulatory, increase tolerance to stress. Eleutherosides intensify and activate detoxification processes and excretion of harmful metabolites. It regulates hormonal disorder, has a stimulating effect. In addition, it helps with mental and physical effort. Ancillary in circulatory disorders and the weakening of libido.

LibiSpray was created on the basis of water so it is safe for skin and does not cause allergic reactions.

The extract does not leave stains so it can be used with condoms and other sex accessories.


Apply a small amount of Libispray to the intimate regions (labia and clitoris).

Rub gently into the area intil it has been absorbed.

Libispray can be used 10 minutes before sexual intercourse or during the foreplay.

The effects of LibiSpray generally last for up to 30 minutes.


Before application, check your allergic reactions by applying a small amount of gel onto your skin. If your reaction is allergic, stop the application.

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