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Women sexual arousal is influenced by many factors: the mood, endocrine, circulatory and nervous system. In order to maximize the excitement and relaxation LibiSpray  was applied to 2 active ingredients that improve libido: L-arginine and ginseng.

LibiSpray is water-based. That’s why it’s so safe for your skin not causing allergy.

LibiSpray does not leave any stains and it can be used together with condoms and erotic accessories.

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LibiGel 100 ml – The powerful Gel which maximizes your sex drive

LibiGel intensifies erotic experience in 3 ways

It boosts libido

It improves blood circulation in intimate spheres

It pleasantly warms up,, causing gentle tingling

LibiGel has been made for women, willing to achieve maximum excitement and huge orgasm while having sex.


How does LibiGel work?

•          It intensifies sexual experience, thanks to better blood supply

•          stronger orgasm, thanks to boosting clitorial blood flow

•          better lubrication

•          warm-up effect

•          pleasant tingling and stimulation


LibiGel is a lubricating gel which can be used as a lubricant. It counteracts abrasions and irritation. It has neutral pH value for intimate spheres of women.


Instantly ready and moist

LibiGel is an innovative preparation which extremely boosts your experience and warms you up! Your man will think about Your first time, and you will get ready to have sex after short foreplay. LibiGel will make your partner fill your vagina much better. It will make you feel unusual closeness.

Apply it on your labia and you will feel amazing tingling which will turn you on and sensitize your clitoris.

LibiGel will supply you with energy thanks to its energizing properties. You will more beautiful and sexually more self-confident.


Intimate Care

Unique herbal ingredients of LibiGel will make your intimate spheres look much better as the ingredients strongly moisturize and nourish your body.

Additionally, LibiGel counteracts epidermis abrasion and intimate infections and softens microtraumas, which appear during sexual intercourse.


Instant excitement and hydration

LibiGel has stimulating and exciting effects

Thanks to active ingredients of high quality (e.g. L-arginina and ginseng ) it supplies blood much better intensifying your sexual experience.


Why does LibiGel help women achieve orgasm?

Woman’s sexual excitement is influenced by lots of factors: mood, endocrine system, circulatory system and nervous system.

To maximize your excitement and relaxation there are as many as 2 active ingredients in LibiGel which boost libido: L-argininę and ginseng.


LibiGel is water-based. That’s why it’s so safe for your skin not causing allergy.

LibiGel does not leave any stains and it can be used together with condoms and erotic accessories.



Put some LibiGel on intimate places (labia and clitoris).

Rub it gently in and let it absorb.

LibiGel can be used directly before having sex or during foreplay.

LibiGel stays on up to 30 minutes.



Before usage , you need patch testing. Apply a small amount of the gel on the skin. In case of allergy do not use it again.


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