Liberator sex seat, black – Black Label Wedge Black

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A sexy piece can do it all … Great version of The Black Label Liberator’s popular seat gives you the opportunity to tie your partner and discover the art of prison.

The subtle slope and firmness of the seat is an ideal solution for the comfort of our body. This makes new positions easier and more satisfying, deepening the penetration angle, increasing the sensation during intercourse and reaching the G spot. You can use it as a support point under your knees, under your hips, butt and many other places.

We suggest you fasten the cuffs on your wrist to keep your lover exactly where you want.

27-degree cone ideal for deeper penetration and stimulation of the G point
Better access and height allows for long-lasting oral sex without neck pain
The soft microfiber coating is perfect for bare skin
Removable, washable pillowcase
You can adjust the wrist adjustments
Measurement: length 36cm x width 61cm x height 18cm


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