Interactive Masturbator – Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo

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Fleshlight Launch Powered by KIIROO is a fully automated male masturbator. It allows you to combine the classic Fleshlight masturbator with interactive materials.

There are 2 modes: manual and interactive. In manual mode, Launch is able to make up to 180 automatic beats per minute.

In interactive mode, min. with movies, materials in virtual reality, erotic games, webcams.

Launch allows you to set the speed or strength of movements and then just hold it in your hand and he will work independently.

It is compatible with all interactive KIIROO products, and FeelTech allows you to attach interactive products from many other leading manufacturers.

This model only works with standard Fleshlight masturbators. The Fleshlight masturbator is not included.

Materials: PC ABS

Finish: Matte, Chrome

Size: 320 x 157 x 167 mm

Weight: 1500 g

Charging time: 6-9 hours

User time: 2 hours


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