Fleshlight – Mr. Limpy Medium Pink

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Soft penis- Pink Limpy

the funniest penis in the world


Size: medium 16,5 cm

perfect for carrying in boxers or for fun


Pink Limpy is the most realistic artificial soft penis which has taken over the parties all over the world. he is like a friend which you can use to play with, dance, sleep and put it in your boxers, or just keep on the desk. To spice up your sex life you can use it to spank your partner or gag them with it. It is also a perfect gift choice. Surely many people, especially women will smile when they see Pink Limpy.


Made from soft, elastic material of high quality- Real Feel Super Skin. It is not suitable for penetration. Doesn't have vibrations.

  • Material: Realistic Feel (Real Feel Super Skin)
  • Elastic: yes
  • Color: pink
  • Waterproof: yes, floats on water
  • latex free
  • phthalate free



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