Fleshlight – iPad Launchpad (iPad Mount)

499 kr inkl.moms


An ideal proposition for iPad and Fleshlight fans at the same time.

These two iconic products, when combined, will allow you to achieve a completely new perspective during masturbation or erotic play in pairs – while watching your favorite materials on the screen.

Safe, resilient and flexible material gives a firm grip on the tablet.

Adjustable straps allow you to attach a Fleshlight masturbator and connect it to your iPad in this way.

We can use it to get a point-of-view POV image, play with a loved one at a distance, or simply use a masturbator while watching your favorite movies or photos on the screen.

Durable but flexible material allows for secure and secure fastening, securing and removing the tablet.

After mounting the screen is stable and at the same time we still have touch control, full functionality, access to sound control or power switch.

We can connect our favorite Fleshlight or Flight models with Velcro straps.

Do not forget to use the Fleshlube water moisturizer when using Fleshlight products.

When finished, clean LaunchPAD with Fleshwash.

Fleshlight LaunchPAD is compatible with the 4th generation iPad, 3rd generation iPad, second generation iPad. It is not compatible with the 1st generation iPad and iPad Air.


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