Erection ring – The Screaming O Charged Ohare XL Rabbit Vibe

486 kr inkl.moms


Erection ring is a newer, larger version of the best-selling Screaming O, Charged Ohare.

The ring is double, very stable.

This gives a very good effect for a man, lifting the testicles forward and increasing their susceptibility to stimulation and strongly stiffening the erection and extending its duration.

At the same time, the clitoral stimulator, shaped like a bunny, holds on to the penis very well and its vibrations perfectly go to the partner’s sensitive places.

Long working time, intense vibrations, strong erection support and a large number of programs make this ring a great choice for each pair.


Stimulates the clitoris

Powerful engine in Vooom technology

10 programs

Double ring

True Silicone Cover


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